How to Water a Thirsty Piano

Jordan is in charge of compost and probably will have a large role in plant watering once we get our plants established. I have been doing most of the seedling nurturing, as is expected of my gender, while Jordan lazes around. Just kidding. He serenades me and our plants with his perennial piano playing as he prepares for his recital, which happens to be today. Have I seen a movie where classical music is playing in a greenhouse? Maybe that’s why we are having so much success with our seedlings.

In addition to practicing the piano, Jordan has also been practicing his watering skills on the piano. No, he is not watering the piano with a watering can, but he is, sort of. Let me explain. Our piano is located on an outside wall in an old house so the temperature and humidity is always fluctuating around and inside the piano. This causes the piano to work its way out of tune more often than it should. So, unbeknownst to me, Jordan got a humidifier/dehumidifier for the piano. Did you know such a thing existed? Me either.

Somewhere inside our old Steinway is a water reservoir that replaces moisture inside the piano when things get too dry and a dehumidifier that will magically activate itself when things get too moist. I guess it’s kind of like a self-watering planter in a way. Side note: I think self-watering planters are the coolest things ever. Likewise, Jordan thinks his piano watering system is quite dandy and will tell you all about it if you want to listen.

I think Jordan has watered his piano 4 times in the past couple months. Hopefully he will be as responsive to our plants’ needs as he is to the blinking light that indicates that the piano is thirsty.

Look at Jordan practicing his watering skills. So patient! So happy!

Here he is cleaning up the water that spilled out of the watering tube. Lesson learned: don’t overwater your piano or your plants.

One thought on “How to Water a Thirsty Piano

  1. Piano playing and watering!!! – Jordan is so multi-talented! Never knew you could water a piano. How was the recital?!? We were disappointed we could not be there.

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