Inexpensive & Quick Front Porch Makeover

Recently, on a trip to the hardware store to purchase supplies for our seedlings, we got distracted by the pretty flowers. This happens to everyone, right? Because we rent, we didn’t really want to put any money into landscaping. But one can only look at dirt and empty flower pots and our next door neighbors’ gardens for so long before breaking down. We may have been saving a money, but the front of our house was an eyesore. Curb Appeal: The Block, where are you?

Fed up with ugliness and desperate to fill the empty, bolted down, blue pots on the front stoop, we ran up and down the garden store aisles saying, “I want this one, and this one, and this one, and this one…” before realizing we have shade and all the flowers we had chosen need sun. After putting the sun-loving plants back where they belong, we chose standard shade plants to spruce up our front porch.

We planted light pink begonias in the three matching blue pots and placed them on the front steps to create a little asymmetry. We also planted multicolored impatiens with periwinkle blue lobelia (which is actually a sun plant but supposedly does well in shade too) in light green “window boxes” placed on the front porch railing. I think we spent less than $50 on all the flowers, containers, & potting soil.

We took a hose to the entire porch to wash off the winter grime and cleaned the rocking chairs and adirondack chairs that were covered in a light green haze of pollen. With a little money, an afternoon, and some TLC, our front porch is now happy and homey.

All we need now are some hanging plants, wind chimes, AND SOMETHING GREEN IN THE FRONT YARD, and we’ll be all set.

Dirty porch, empty pots, sad-looking house, front yard of dirt and weeds.

Pretty, clean porch! (Front yard of dirt and weeds not pictured.)