Recycled Root Beer Float Glasses

I love root beer floats. And Sprite floats (sounds weird, but it’s delicious.) Yesterday when I should have been learning about gardening, I got distracted by the sunshine and headed out in search of a small side table and a trunk/bench/chest. I went to one of my favorite consignment stores in Charlotte, Fifteen Ten Antiques on Central Avenue. I did look at a nice glass side table and a sturdy wooden chest but instead bought these spectacular emerald-green root beer float glasses.

They were inexpensive and in perfect shape, they found a new home that isn’t a landfill, and our purchase supported a locally owned and operated business. What’s not to love?

We aren’t perfect at following the three R’s when it comes to a lot of other things like new clothing and kitchen appliances (for somewhat obvious reasons.) However, if you need convincing to pry your hands off the Pottery Barn catalog, I’ve thought of some half-baked reasons to shop more often at consignment stores.

  1. It’s cheap! Usually.
  2. You find one-of-a-kind items that you didn’t know you wanted, like emerald-green root beer float glasses.
  3. Less landfill, less demand for new items to be produced, shipped and stored, less pollution.
  4. You can modify purchases to fit your decor by busting out a can of paint and channeling your inner Martha Stewart.
  5. You are giving items a new life in your home where they will be hopefully be used and thus, be happy. Do you remember the lyrics to “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast? Well I do. Lumiere, the candlestick, sings about how sad they’ve been and how they just want to work and entertain. You too can anthropomorphize your dinnerware and learn that it doesn’t like sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

We are so lucky that we have so many options to buy gently used, good quality housewares from antique and consignment stores in Charlotte. Here are my favorites that I think everyone and their mama needs to check out:

  1. Fifteen Ten Antiques, 1510 Central Avenue
  2. Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, 4450 South Boulevard
  3. Classic Attic, 4301-C Park Road
  4. Recycle Boutique, 4301-D Park Road
  5. The other five thrift stores right next door to Fifteen Ten on that stretch of Central Ave. Go on a Saturday and buy yourself something pretty.