Alex is a non-profit arts warrior by day and a bread-baking, sweater-knitting, young adult literature reading, Jordan-sniffing, tap-dancing, home-decorating 24 year old by night. Her 2012 life goals are to actually knit a sweater instead of claiming to know how, sew a chic quilt that doesn’t look old-fashioned, and grow her very own vegetable garden to feed her partner, save money, and vanquish her fear of insects once and for all.

Jordan is a classical piano teacher and performer by day and night. Despite his old-world trade, Jordan enjoys first-person shooters and the conveniences of the modern world. A more sustainable lifestyle seems attractive in theory to him, but he knows that one of his prominent selves by the name of “Slothgar” will rebel when trying to put it into practice. During this planting season, Jordan will frequently pretend to be a a baby or cute animal not far enough along in his cognitive development to problem-solve.

Alex and Jordan just barely met at Davidson College and now live in Charlotte, NC.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. When Kelly told me about this website, I assumed it would have advice on how to prevent Henry from planting his butt on the ground and respond to commands after he notices a particularly tasty/smelly piece of garbage on the sidewalk.

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